Meet Your Robot Overlords 


t: @jumboslice

Dan’s a dad. Dan doesn’t party much anymore. But there was that one time at SXSW 2019 where he decided to party and partied so hard that he slept in his downtown office instead of going home. And then Dan’s wife texted Steve at 4:45am asking where Dan was and if he might possibly be dead. Dan wasn’t dead - except to his wife.


t: @yeahsupercool

Listen, we tried to come up with a description for Micha, but he’s indescribable. As in, if we tried to describe him, he’d probably beat our asses because he prefers to be mysterious. And we love him for it. He’s the most dependable, mysterious dude you could know. Also, he saved Steve’s glasses in a Mean Jeans pit once.


t: @babystew

Steve’s a lawyer, but spends all of his non-lawyer time trying to do cool shit. Usually that just means he’s sitting in his apartment working on this website months before the next SXSW because he’s bored. But sometimes he actually does cool shit, like that time he nearly lost his glasses in a mosh pit at a Mean Jeans show but Micha caught them before they got stepped on.